Medportal Assists the Largest Hospital Group of Brasilia

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Founded in 1966, the Santa Lucia Hospital, a subsidiary of Grupo Santa, the largest group of private hospitals in Brasilia, was the first private hospital to settle in the Brazilian capital. Reference in the sector with its modern facilities, advanced technologies and highly qualified workforce, the Hospital has a base of 1,200 registered doctors,1,900 active employees and currently operates with 341 beds, 97 of them as Intensive Care Unit.
“Being renown nation-wide, meeting the highest quality standards, providing humanized services, working with sustainability and clinical efficiency are our vision of future. Meeting these targets is not an easy task, hence, investments in training and human capital are of an extreme importance” says Darcia Lima, Grupo Santa’ Quality Manager.
Betting on this pioneer spirit, Grupo Santa and Medportal Educational Solutions celebrated the beginning of their partnership in 2016. To meet the clients’ demand, which aims to train their workforce with resources optimization, Medportal has offered its own expertise, with its customized technology for online training, test management, certification, reports and statistics to folow up the performance of trained people.
According to the CEO of Medportal, Dr. Thiago Constancio: “The case of Santa Lucia Hospital could be considered emblematic, reinforcing their values of innovation and improvement and providing easy and wide access to all their employees. For this reason, hiring Medportal educational solutions makes sense for its scalability of the training and the overall economy of about 45% of investment in training”
About Medportal Educational Solutions:
Medportal is the first and largest provider of distance learning platforms for health institutions in Brazil, with thousands of students enrolled in all states of the country and over 9 countries. Created with the objective of developing health e=learning in the country, Medportal offers a complete technology of training, evaluation and certification of professionals to hospitals, educational institutions and other healthcare companies. Our main activities are divided into: (i) educational solutions customized for hospitals and other institutions in the health sector and (ii) online content for health professionals through own websites.



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