Imed Group Invests in Training with Medportal

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The Imed Group is specialized in providing medical services in the field of intensive care, emergency and hospitalar medicine, in the public and private sectors. Performing with excellence for over 20 years, the Imed Group is one of the biggests networks of Intensive Care Units in the State of São Paulo.
Relying on a Department of Continuing Education since 2013, Imed Group seeks to be at the forefront when it comes to courses and tools for updating medical teams. According to Dr. Leonardo Brauer, Chief Operation Officer of the Group:
“The strategy is to double in size in five years, based on sustainable growth by investing in leadership training, continuing education and strengthening of human resources.”
To leverage the future planning of Imed, the direction of Imed Group opted for the educational solutions of Medportal for training up to 1,000 workers per month. Hiring the EAD platform with performance assessment modules and academic management enhances the possibilities of reach, access and effectiveness of the applied content.
According to the CEO of Medportal, Dr. Thiago Constancio, “the initial contract with Imed is a big leap for Medportal, considering that Imed is a company with relevance, quality and important capillarity in the hospital medical segment in SP, features noticed in large groups in the health market “and added:” We are confident and committed to supporting excellence with the Imed Group in its goal to double in size by 2020″.
About Medportal Educational Solutions
Medportal is the first and largest provider of distance learning platforms for health institutions in Brazil, with thousands of students enrolled in all states of the country and over 9 countries. Created with the objective of developing health e=learning in the country, Medportal offers a complete technology of training, evaluation and certification of professionals to hospitals, educational institutions and other healthcare companies. Our main activities are divided into: (i) educational solutions customized for hospitals and other institutions in the health sector and (ii) online content for health professionals through own websites.



Médico Empreendedor. CEO Medportal. Doutorando em Estratégia e Inovação no IE/UFRJ.

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