Sabara Hospital and PENSI Institute Offer Multiples Courses with Medportal

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The Sabará Children´s Hospital and PENSI Institute – Research and Teaching in Children´s Health, both linked to the José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foundation in Brazil, are renown nation-wide units in pediatric medicine over the last 50 years. They have adopted Medportal Educational Solutions as an option to update their model of online education since 2014.
The goal has been to update and train health professionals and the internal clinical staff of the institution on issues focused mainly on children´s health.
In addition, considering it is a social organization, PENSI Institute needed an effective tool to provide access to its educational content also to the fathers, mothers, educators and caregivers tackling childhood.
To meet these needs of the institute, which also sought a sustainability model to fulfill its social mission of disseminating knowledge, Medportal Educational Solutions developed a customized platform for 300 concurrent users, still leaving the possibility of online sales of pediatric content to public through e-commerce.
Courses and events like the “Second Symposium on Food Difficulties”, “Use of Antimicrobial Agents in Pediatrics” and the “Child Neurology Symposium” are some examples of courses available for sale, as well as other free content available to the community with topics such as Early Childhood Development and Child Psychology.
Despite the short time ( recent partnership ), considering that the partnership in between Sabara Children’s Hospital and Medportal has lasted just over a year, Dr. Thiago Constancio, CEO of Medportal, ensures that this time is “more than enough to consider the e-lerning program of Sabara a case of success, since more than 3,000 training sessions, involving about 1,000 students and health professionals, took place in this period”.
To Dr. Fatima Rodrigues Fernandes, Director of the Institute PENSI:
“The use of Medportal Solutions has facilitated the learning and gave comfort to students through an interactive tool, with the possibility of online access to video lessons, exchange files, discussion forums and reviews”.
And she continues:
“Through out this platform Sabará Children´s Hospital encouraged the consolidation of concepts and the exchange of views in between students and experienced professionals, being them from Sabara or from other institutions, in order to share their experiences and allow the expansion of evidence-based knowledge.”
The Sabara Children’s Hospital Sabara operates with 128 beds, including 28 ICU, and has a base of 960 registered doctors and 690 active employees.
For more information about the solutions implemented to the Sabara Children’s Hospital and PENSI Institute, please visit: .
About Medportal Educational Solutions:
Medportal is the first and largest provider of distance learning platforms for health institutions in Brazil, with thousands of students enrolled in all states of the country and over 9 countries. Created with the objective of developing health e=learning in the country, Medportal offers a complete technology of training, evaluation and certification of professionals to hospitals, educational institutions and other healthcare companies. Our main activities are divided into: (i) educational solutions customized for hospitals and other institutions in the health sector and (ii) online content for health professionals through own websites.



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