Celso Lisboa boosts its learning possibilities with Medportal technology

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One of the most well-known Universities of Rio de Janeiro, with more than 40 years of history, Celso Lisboa is a reference in health and wellness education. Located in the north zone of the city, the institution has experienced fast growth in the past years, with the number of  graduates suprassing 20,000. The campus infrastructure of 14,000 sqm, together with over 80 classrooms, 18 laboratories and extensive library, gives Celso Lisboa the title of one of the best equipped unveristy institutions of its kind in the State.
Aiming to support all the innovative changes that have taken place at the University in recent years, Celso Lisboa has just hired Medportal platform and the know-how with distance learning technology to improve University’ competitive advatange by getting closer with the most renowned hospitals and health institutions in Brazil.
“The experience Medportal brings in the sector was the key factor to choose the platform. Our target is transforming our learning methodology to an even more attractive one from a professional perspective, encouraging our teachers and students to access both technical and practical classes”says Rodolfo Bertolini, Executive Director from Celso in Lisboa.
Dr. Thiago Constancio, CEO of Medportal, says that “the contract with Celso Lisboa consolidates Medportal as a leading market player in health institutions with distance learning solutions. As an unique and innovative health university, the platform will gain a lot in importance, prominence and usability”. And he concluded: “Celso Lisboa chose the right tool to train their students in this new disruptive market.”

About Medportal Educational Solutions
Medportal is the first and largest provider of distance learning platforms for health institutions in Brazil, with thousands of students enrolled in all states of the country and over 9 countries. Created with the objective of developing health e-learning in the country, Medportal offers a complete technology of training, evaluation and certification of professionals to hospitals, educational institutions and other healthcare companies. Our main activities are divided into: (i) educational solutions customized for hospitals and other institutions in the health sector and (ii) online content for health professionals through own websites.



Médico Empreendedor. CEO Medportal. Doutorando em Estratégia e Inovação no IE/UFRJ. https://br.linkedin.com/in/thiagoconstancio

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